Benua Sains Sdn Bhd (BSSB) has been working in the manufacturing and trading industry, specializing in medical disposable and laboratory equipments, since August 1989. The initial aim of the business is to supply scientific and laboratory equipments to small customers such as schools and private business.


As years went by, the business potentials has grown to a stage that it started expending its line of sales to big companies and institutes of higher learning, covering public and private sectors. To fulfill the requirement of the large companies and universities, Benua Sains Sdn Bhd converted its business into limited company. Benua Sains Sdn Bhd was first incorporated on 21st November 2000.


Benua Sains Sdn Bhd also undertakes contracts by the Malaysian Government as we are registered with Ministry of Finance and various corporate sectors like Petronas, Telekom, Tenaga Nasional, Tabung Haji and most all of the institutes of higher learning in Malaysia, as well as strong support from dealers all over Malaysia.





Benua Sains Sdn Bhd is manufacturers & authorized distributors for the following products:


·         Manufacturer of  Medical Disposables, Petri Dish, Urine Container, Test Tube, Ointment Box, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Bags, Zip-Lock Bags, Sputum Cup, Medicine Cup, Galipot, etc.

·         Manufacturer of Engineering Trainers/ Pilot Plants

·         Fabrication of Various Kind of Incinerators

·         pH Meter, Oven, Incubators, Hot Plate/Stirrer, Balances, Conductivity, Fume Cupboard/ Storage Cabinet, D.O Meter, Test & Measuring Instruments

·         Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals, Reagent & Resin

·         Full Range of Lab Glassware, Boeco, Duran & Pyrex

·         Full Range of Gloves, Short & Long Sleeve, Latex, Nitrile, Neoprene etc.

·         Full Range of Safety Apparels & Material Handling Equipment

·         Authorized Agent for AEROCARE, Cleaning & Sanitary Products, Touchless dispensers, U.K


This service & products applies to a highly specialised market with companies joining the race. With development, the need for research and development centres in big organisations and manufacturing concerns is certain. As a result, the need for scientific & laboratory equipments, chemicals & reagents is on the increase. Since Malaysia is a developing country with natural resources and moving into the industrialisation era that need for specialised R&D Centres and therefore the need for specialised equipments, chemicals & reagents is on the rise. As the market is growing bigger everyday, BSSB is making in roads into this area to create a portion of this market as its very own.





Our vision is to move into position as large scientific and medical disposable manufacturing & trading group with a sizeable position of the country’s requirements undertaken by it.





Our mission is to provide an attractive range of scientific equipment & medical disposable manufacturing and trading. We will achieve this by proper planning, optimum use of specialized technical, driven by our enthusiasm, personalised service and a work culture embodying dynamism and continuous learning.


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